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Emily - Sussex

We were approached by Emily's family very close to Christmas 2018, the family know this is probably Emily's last Christmas with her beloved little boy, so wanted it to make it as special as possible.  We approached Lapland UK, although they were SOLD OUT, they helped to move things around and Emily & her little lads trip was all booked 


I am so sorry it has taken me so long to contact you; you organised and funded our trip (Emily, her five year old son and me and my wife - Emily’s mum and dad) to Lapland UK on the 18th. Since then Emily has been quite unwell, so it’s not been easy to find the five minutes to write this message, but I cannot wait another moment to thank you; as (especially and most importantly) Emily and her son had the most magical day - thanks to your support.

XXXxx could not believe that he had met and spent some time with the real Father Christmas and has reminded us of this every day since, with the addition of ‘Wow, Wow. Wow!' just to emphasise the point.

It is very difficult to put into words what that day has done for one little boy and his mum- and the wonderful memories it contained. All I can you is ’Thank you’ from us all - it’s seems so inadequate, but I promise you it is most heartfelt. Thank you.

Emily's Dad



Wendy Powellsmaller

Wendy - Cardiff

Thank you for your kind gesture. We had an amazing time in London. It was greatly appreciated after having radiotherapy to my brain just before it. My son loved it as it was his first time to London. This is a picture of my son and niece at the ice bar.

Wendy - Cardiff

Farrah and family

Eileen - Blackpool

When we approached the Karen Trust for help with my mums last wish, we didn’t hold much hope. My mum’s only wish before she dies was to spend some quality time with her children, grandchildren and great granddaughter.

All together there are 16 of us and we didn’t think it would be possible to grant this wish in a short period of time to what it would cost. We explained my mums situation and The Karen Trust were more then happy to help, we just had to find somewhere suitable. We managed to find a beautiful house at Ribby Hall Village not too far from home, that would be big enough for all of us. We spent four nights as a big happy family, making beautiful memories that will last forever. Looking through old pictures by the open fires and the kids even had their own games room. Mum had her own room downstairs, so could rest easily and the staff at Ribby Hall even put up the Christmas trees early for what will be my mums last Christmas.

I cannot believe the sheer love and generosity that the people at Karen Trust offer and I would like to say a massive thank you to Karen’s family and friends for making this possible. The kids don’t fully understand yet but when the time comes I am confident they will have some very fond memories to look back on.

Thank you so much!!!!!

Farah - Eileens Daughter

Karen Land full

Karen - Nottinghamshire

We were approached by Sue, Karens Mum in September 2018, she really wanted to do something special for Karen and her two young children.  

So we set about organising a trip to Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest, we organised everything, including helping with travel & meals.

Sue sent us a message the night before they went home.

"Well it’s our last night and the children aren’t happy to be going home tomorrow lol
We have all had a fabulous time at centre parcs making some lovely memories.

Karen was able to do a few things with the children, she’s been quite poorly but is still very positive.

Second lot of fect chemotherapy tomorrow, we haven’t seen any response yet from the chemotherapy second time around but fingers crossed we start to see an improvement even slight would be great just to ease some of Karen’s current symptoms.

Again thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to make so many memories.
Sue xxx"


Paul - Oldham, Manchester

We heard from Anita in August, she contacted us regarding her Son in Law Paul. 

Paul lives in Oldham with his wife Melissa & young son Ryan.  Paul has been fighting cancer for 2 years, she wanted them to spend some time away from home to make some treasured memories for Ryan.

We organised a trip to Butlins in Skegness during half term, it was their Spooktacular week in time for Halloween. 

Melissa contacted us during the holiday with a lovely picture of Ryan with Anita, his Nan, they had a fantastic time.

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