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Eileen - Blackpool

When we approached the Karen Trust for help with my mums last wish, we didn’t hold much hope. My mum’s only wish before she dies was to spend some quality time with her children, grandchildren and great granddaughter.

All together there are 16 of us and we didn’t think it would be possible to grant this wish in a short period of time to what it would cost. We explained my mums situation and The Karen Trust were more then happy to help, we just had to find somewhere suitable. We managed to find a beautiful house at Ribby Hall Village not too far from home, that would be big enough for all of us. We spent four nights as a big happy family, making beautiful memories that will last forever. Looking through old pictures by the open fires and the kids even had their own games room. Mum had her own room downstairs, so could rest easily and the staff at Ribby Hall even put up the Christmas trees early for what will be my mums last Christmas.

I cannot believe the sheer love and generosity that the people at Karen Trust offer and I would like to say a massive thank you to Karen’s family and friends for making this possible. The kids don’t fully understand yet but when the time comes I am confident they will have some very fond memories to look back on.

Thank you so much!!!!!

Farah - Eileens Daughter

Farrah and family

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