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Karen - Nottinghamshire

We were approached by Sue, Karens Mum in September 2018, she really wanted to do something special for Karen and her two young children.  

So we set about organising a trip to Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest, we organised everything, including helping with travel & meals.

Sue sent us a message the night before they went home.

"Well it’s our last night and the children aren’t happy to be going home tomorrow lol
We have all had a fabulous time at centre parcs making some lovely memories.

Karen was able to do a few things with the children, she’s been quite poorly but is still very positive.

Second lot of fect chemotherapy tomorrow, we haven’t seen any response yet from the chemotherapy second time around but fingers crossed we start to see an improvement even slight would be great just to ease some of Karen’s current symptoms.

Again thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to make so many memories.
Sue xxx"

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