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Kirsten - December 2017

We were approached by Kirsten's nursing team in October 2017, they asked if we could help Kirsten by arranging a Pantomime & meal for her and her young family before Christmas.  Very Sadly Kirsten passed away on the 2nd December, not being able to fulfil her wish.

On the 23rd December Kirsten's family managed to attend the Panto and enjoyed an afternoon out on us, where they remembered their much loved mum.


Heres is Kirsten's in story in her families words

Kirsten was born early hours on the 13th July 1973 at home in Northview, Chilton Moor. A beautiful daughter of the late Joan and Robert. Kirsten was the second child of four, before her, Justine and followed by brother Robert and also her youngest sister Keilly.

Kirsten’s parents moved around Houghton but never left and their final family home together would be in Otterburn Crescent. Kirsten had a happy childhood and shared lots of memory's with her siblings

From dressing up with her eldest sister and forever friend Justine. Her early morning paper rounds with brother Robert which was always followed by breakfast at their Grandma Bettys. Being older than Keilly, Kirsten took her under her wing and Keilly throughout her childhood was her little sidekick.

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Kirsten from a young age was a vibrant child with a bubbly personality and ever the entertainer.

She loved making up songs and was quite the prankster. The family often laughed about the time she answered the door with a tight on her head. But that was the young Kirsten’s crazy ways. She did grow out of it, well a little bit.

Kirsten started her education at Houghton Infants in September 1977, and of course settled in and as she did throughout her life had no problem making friends. She went on to Houghton Juniors, and thrived throughout her early schooling. It was in this time Kirsten first recalled seeing Wayne although he was in his last junior year. Little then did they know how destiny would bring them together.

In September 1984, Kirsten started secondary education at Houghton School. Where she did really well and achieved high grades in a lot of areas. She excelled in childcare, she decided to follow this route and after leaving school earned her place at Hylton College.

A young Kirsten had discovered hair and make up and they were definitely her favorite past times. She was very rarely seen without a compact in her hand, checking her reflection and in later years she would be partial to taking the odd “selfie”. She was her unique self, she loved her Doctor Martins and clothes. Little did the young Kirsten know what crazy hair colours she had ahead of her or how well known her and Keilly would be for having them. Ever the socializer, Kirsten enjoyed music and dancing and nights out at the Incog and Harvesters. Kirsten always loved music and kept up with all popular songs and loved singing along.She was often in competition with her children to see who knew the words first.

During the summer time of 1989 on August 20th, Kirsten met her soulmate Wayne. They had often caught each others eyes as they both hung around at he park just opposite the church. Although shy, Wayne plucked up the courage to talk to Kirsten. Breaking the ice by asking to lend 50 pence for a can of pop, which actually was cunning of him as had a pocket full of money and just wanted to talk to her but the stars aligned and forever love blossomed. Who would have thought 28 years on where that 50 pence can of pop would take them.

Kirsten and Wayne knew love was meant to be and after a short courtship moved in together.

Their first home was 1 Ryhope Street. Kirsten always knew from an early age her life was being a mother and a homemaker and settled into their first home together. Kirsten and Wayne’s first child, Jamie Anthony was born on the 19th of March 1991. Kirsten and Wayne flourished as parents and after moving their second home together in 47 Queensway, they decided to have their second child Devon Alexander on the 7th of July 1993.

I couldn’t go on without mentioning Wayne’s mother, Emily she has always been a massive part of Kirsten's life. Kirsten would often refer to her as her second mam and she always held a special place in Kirsten's heart. They had an amazing bond that will last forever.

Kirsten enjoyed family life watching her children, Jamie and Devon grow and learn. She was never without them and took them everywhere she went. Even as they got older they were never far away from her side. You could be sure wherever Kirsten would be, they were never far behind.

Their next family home together in 17 Kingsway saw the birth of the third child Jackson Craig born 19th Febuary 1999.

Shortly after, Justine had had a son Keiron, Kirsten looked after him and he was brought up with Jackson as if almost more brothers than cousins. Kirsten thought the world of Keiron, That was the way Kirsten was, she had a big heart and a lot of love to give.

So many happy times and laughs along the way. Kirsten loved nothing better than a good family get together, family drinks and a sing on the karaoke. Times hit hard in 2004 when Kirsten’s father Robert passed away and they all pulled together to be there for their mother Joan, it was a difficult time for the whole family.

In 2007, Kirsten and Wayne moved into there last house they shared as a family together and it was here Grayson Wayne was born on the 14th January 2008 this made their family complete.

They all have thousands of memories they have collected throughout their life together, that they will treasure for the rest of their lives. Kirsten came from a big family that was ever growing. She was a much loved Auntie to all her nieces and nephews. Kirsten and Wayne were blessed with a grandson Ashton on the 5th May 2015. They adored him from the start and had a very close bond, as Ashton and his mam lived with his “Mamar and Granada”. Grayson also gained a little sidekick in Ashton. They are practically inseparable as they’ve gotten older, with Aston often copying his every move and following his Uncle Grayson everywhere.

In 2013 unknown to Kirsten she began to develop worrying symptoms and was unwell for most of the year that followed. In November 2014, Kirsten was diagnosed with cervical cancer and her whole family were distraught but thankfully it was treatable. In the months that followed in early 2015 Kirsten began her treatment unfortunately the dose of chemotherapy Kirsten received was too strong for her and damaged her kidneys. Doctors offered alternative treatment was to give 6 sessions of radiotherapy followed by 1 session of brachytherapy. Kirsten started her treatment headstrong and determined to beat this. Approaching the end of 2015 Kirsten was due to have a CT scan and MRI scan but much to hers and her family’s anger it was canceled due to lack of funds.

In January 2016 problems began to resurface and recur. A worried Kirsten returned to the hospital and was then told her cancer had come back and would need major surgery. Her tumor had returned in a complicated place and after undergoing a 10 hour operation to remove her bladder and bowel, she now faced life living with two stoma bags, Kirsten never complained about her new way of living, she just accepted it was her way of staying with her family, who to her was everything. After her recovery Kirsten was back to her bubbly self that everyone knew and loved.

On the 21st June 2016 following surgery Kirsten was giving the all clear and her family couldn’t be more relieved. At this time Kirsten’s mam Joan had taken unwell and was in hospital. The family sadly lost her on the 3rd July. But at least she got to hear her beautiful daughter was finally free of cancer.

Kirsten and her family got to enjoy their first Christmas in nearly4 years without Kirsten being unwell or undergoing treatment. Its heartbreaking now to think it would be their last together.

In early 2017 Kirsten began to suffer back and leg pain and was diagnosed with first a trapped nerve then sciatica. She treated it with medication for months, until one day Kirsten began to feel extremely unwell. Wayne was called from work and took her to hospital, they checked her over and told her to come back the following morning for a scan. The following days they were giving the devastating blow Kirsten's cancer had returned and was causing her to have a chest infection and was also the cause all along of her back pain. Her family were absolutely devastated. Doctors were left with a decision of how they would help Kirsten. After further tests Kirsten was told her cancer was too aggressive and advanced for treatment. This was the hardest thing for Kirsten and her family to take in but Kirsten being Kirsten was determined to stay positive and was not going to give up her fight as she has to much to live for.

Kirsten came home to spend time in her own surroundings and with the family she loved. Not letting the news phase her she laughed and enjoyed her time. Had her hair done and did her make up the way she always had. On Tuesday 28th November, Kirsten had an appointment at hospital where she was told to enjoy her Christmas, this made Kirsten happy and positive to hear this from the doctors. On Thursday 30th November, Kirsten began to feel unwell and was admitted into hospital. Wayne as he had throughout all of this never left her side and although given the choice to go home she decided to stay in hospital, where she spent her final hours laughing, talking and reminiscing about her memory's with her family and telling them no tears. After a brave and courageous battle, Kirsten sadly passed away on the 2nd December surrounded by her family. Her family couldn’t be more prouder of Kirsten and the way she dealt with everything that was thrown at her. Never complaining and remaining positive till the end.


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