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Help Us Fundraise

help us fundraise

To ensure we can continue to make a difference we rely on people like you taking a bit of time out to help raise money to support The Karen Trust. There are many ways as individuals that you can help, We fully appreciate that as we find the world in a global recession it’s often difficult to address our own financial needs never mind supporting a charity but any help whatsoever is welcomed.

The feeling you get from doing something for someone else is priceless and really reminds us of the strength of a community coming together for a good cause. Be part of it!

  • Organise an Event

  • Get Sponsored

  • Fundraise at School

  • Fundraise at your Club

  • Fundraise at Work

  • Making a Tribute

  • Collection Boxes

  • Fundraise at your Pub

  • Give a Car

  • Recycling old mobile phones

Use your imagination to come up with something creative that will appeal to your family, friends and colleagues.

This could be a simple coffee morning in the village hall where you bake and sell scrumptious cupcakes to arranging a trek on the Great Wall of China... whatever appeals to you.

Our umbrella groups host great events that give them a great excuse to have fun whilst supporting a worthwhile cause.

What challenges you?

Are you struggling to give up smoking and need an added incentive?

What could be better than getting fitter by giving up smoking whilst at the same time raising money for a charity that supports people with terminal cancer?

It’s a great incentive and your family will be so proud of you too…

Go on get sponsored to give up the bad habit.

School days are said to be the best days of our lives….so make them even more fun by arranging an activity where you can raise money and have lots of fun.

If you’re a teacher you may think getting Class 3C to do a few hours sponsored silence might be a good idea whilst if you are a pupil maybe a throwing a wet sponge at your favourite teacher is more appealing?

Whatever the activity please keep the Karen Trust in mind as we would really welcome your support.

club-fund-raiseThere are many organisations and clubs where people meet with a shared interest.

Use that interest and community to the good of others by arranging a sponsored event that brings you all together to raise money for The Karen Trust.

Doing something for a charity is a great way of getting people together at work. It could be anything from a fancy dress day at work; an auction of slaves – get your boss cleaning your car!

Or something as simple as selling ice creams on a hot day with the profits going to The Karen Trust…come on get creative and support our mission!

Legacy Giving

Every day we hear stories of friends, loved ones, neighbours or colleagues who are facing up to losing a family member from a terminal cancer.  The Karen Trust aims to try to help such families enjoy the time they have left by giving them the financial support to allow them to create a lasting memory together. We are entirely dependant on voluntary donations to allow us to continue this support but by leaving a legacy in your will it will help us to achieve that aim.

Using the right words

If you decide to leave a legacy to support our work, please accept our sincere thanks.

Although making or changing your Will is a simple process it is important that you consult a solicitor or professional advisor. The wording in your Will is very important. It help us to know whether you want to leave us a specific amount of money or property, or whether you are leaving us the residuary amount of your estate (what is left after all your other bequests have been taken into account).

For guidance, we have given an example below:

I give the sum of £…… (or the specified shares or item(s) of property) to The Karen Trust, Enterprise House, 5 Roundwood Lane Harpenden Hertfordshire AL5 3BW England, registered charity number 1137029. I further direct that the receipt of a Trustee or other officer of The Karen Trust shall be a full and sufficient discharge of the said gift.

Inheritance Tax

A legacy to a charity may reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax due. Inheritance Tax is currently fixed at a flat rate of 40%. Your estate may be subject to Inheritance Tax if the value of your property and possessions come to more than £312,000. This excludes any money or property you leave to your spouse if he or she lives in the United Kingdom. It also excludes any legacies to charity. Your solicitor will advise you about current tax legislation.

If you are intending to make a pledge to The Karen Trust please let us know by contacting us through the Contact Us page.  Thank you for your support. .

Donate in Memory

We realise that you may be going through a particularly difficult time and we would like to thank you for considering support for The Karen Trust in memory of a loved one.

Donating in memory is a very special way to remember the life of a relative or friend. It is a thoughtful gift which will help other families facing losing a loved one to terminal cancer to create a lasting memory that they can cherish forever.

If you would like a collection in memory of someone to be sent to us, please talk to your funeral director who can make the arrangements for you.

You can also make a donation online using the “Donate Now” button on our Home Page.

Donate in Celebration

Celebrate and Give

Whatever your special occasion, spread that happiness by helping The Karen Trust create a special memory for families who are faced with losing a loved one to terminal cancer.

Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings, Anniversaries and Retirement…you name it we celebrate it….

Avoid unneeded or unwanted birthday presents and have the satisfaction of supporting a fabulous cause at the same time – invite your family and friends to donate to The Karen Trust instead of buying a gift.

If the birth of your child or grandchild has highlighted the importance of a loving and protective family, use your celebration to help other less fortunate.

Whatever the occasion share your joy by bringing joy.

Every little bit of spare change makes a massive difference! Placing simple collection boxes help us raise vital funds, whilst also promoting our cause and our brand!

Our collection boxes are usually found in local shops, business reception areas, hotels, and other local businesses that help us raise significant donations! If you would like to order your collection box, please complete our Contact Form with the following details:

Full business name, address and contact details.

If you wish to do a public collection on behalf of The Karen Trust please ensure that you have a collection permit in advance from your Local Authority. Send us a copy of your permit in advance.

People under the age of 16 (or 18 in London) are not allowed to make collections in public places. Door-to-door collections are NOT permitted.

We are looking for Volunteers to place and collect empty boxes in Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire. If so please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will explain how you can help!

Returning your collection box
Once your box is full sending in your donation just call us on: 0844 247 3703 and we can arrange for collection or you can drop the donation into our offices.

How your money could help:
£50 could help go towards a weekend break for a terminal cancer patient
£1000 could go towards the build of our retreat

breast cancer fundraisingWhy not get your local to host a casino night at your local pub with the winnings going to The Karen Trust… get your friends to dress up in true black tie fashion and play at being a real high roller for the night.

Have fun and create memories for others.

give a carThe Karen Trust have signed up with is a not-for-profit company that raises money for charities by accepting donations of unwanted cars.

This has given people an outlet to donate their old cars, just as they might donate their clothes or furniture! If you are looking to get rid of unwanted cars to The Karen Trust, please visit their site:

Do you find people whispering behind your back…have you ever thought maybe it’s time you changed your mobile phone? Why not RECYCLE your old mobile phone to help raise funds? It really couldn’t be simpler and on average each mobile phone is worth around £5 in cash donation to the charity!

Why we should recycle? 

Donating your old mobile phone not only helps us to help the environment, by disposing of your mobile phone via an accredited recycling company, but it will also help us to raise necessary funds for the charity as well. We believe that an unwanted mobile phone should never end up in landfill, where it can be potentially damaging to the environment.

The recycling company buy the mobile phones from us and either dispose of the phone in an environmentally friendly way or recondition them and resell them on.

How to donate your mobile phone to us:

By Post: Please place your old handset in a sealed padded/jiffy envelope and post to: The Karen Trust, Enterprise House, 5 Roundwood Lane. Harpenden. Herts. AL5 3BW. If you could place your name, address and contact details in with the handset.

By hand: Our reception will be more than happy to take collections of old mobile handsets between Monday – Friday 9 – 5pm. Address: The Karen Trust, Enterprise House, 5 Roundwood Lane. Harpenden. Herts. AL5 3BW.

Why not start a recycling collection at work, at school/college/university or within a group? We can arrange for collection of used handsets from your workplace, school/college/university or group. Email us to make arrangements – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 0844 247 3703

Very important: Before giving us your mobile handset, please remove and/or delete all personal data. This includes personal information: contacts, images, videos, music files, text messages and emails. Once you have sent your handset, we will NOT be able to return any handsets or your data. Any SIM cards, memory cards and personal data sent or handed in will be destroyed during the handling process and therefore cannot be returned.

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Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving really does make a huge difference to the charity and helps us towards the build of our very first retreat house for terminally ill cancer patients.

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