Many companies get involved with charities and their local communities as part of their overall corporate social responsibility commitment. Partnering with a charity can have a huge positive impact on your business and brand and also motivates staff to get involved in social community support. We can work in partnership with your business to look at putting a programme of events and activities together to inspire staff to get involved and raise those all important funds. We work with all types of businesses from a range of different sectors.

There are many ways you can involve your business with us:

  • Charity of the Year

  • Matched Giving

  • Sponsorship

  • Payroll Giving

  • Staff Fundraising

If you or your company choose The Karen Trust to be your Charity of the Year we will work hard to develop and drive a successful partnership to the mutual benefit of both parties. We will help you to develop a bespoke programme of activities and events dedicated to get the whole business involved and motivated and having fun. By partnering with us will also assist us in raising the necessary funds for the build of our retreat house.

What are the benefits from becoming a Partner?

With becoming a Partner of The Karen Trust as your chosen Charity of the Year you will benefit from:

  1. A bespoke program of events and activities throughout the year.
  2. Helps to create a motivated, inspired workforce.
  3. Opportunities to support celebrity family-fun events
  4. A dedicated Karen Trust charity account manager.
  5. Opportunities for sponsorship and corporate hospitality.
  6. Opportunities to develop merchandising projects.
  7. Media and PR support.
  8. Marketing support.
  9. Successful brand association.

A great way to boost employee morale, inspire them to give more and create a common sense of purpose is to set-up a matched giving scheme within your business. It shows you are supportive of what your employees are trying to achieve for their chosen charity.

You can match your employees’ donations in some of the following ways:

  • Fundraising – match any money raised by employees
  • Match single or regular Give As You Earn employee donations
  • Volunteering time – employers’ pay for their employees' volunteering time with a donation to their chosen charity

What are the benefits of matched giving?

  • Inspiring employees’ to give more and creating a common sense of purpose
  • Raises your company’s profile and brand with positive PR
  • Boosts employee morale
  • Reduces company tax bill – you don’t need to pay corporation tax on any money used for match giving.

The Karen Trust holds many events throughout the year where businesses can participate in sponsorship for one of our many events or activities.

It is an opportunity to promote your business in association with a great cause and a great way of getting maximum exposure for your brand and product or service offering.

Sponsorship is a vital ingredient for the trust; we would not be able to hold many of our events without this form of support.

We organise a huge variety of celebrity and fundraising events such as:

  1. Annual 5km Karen Trust Run
  2. Quiz Nights
  3. 5 A-Side Football events (with our football Patrons in support – Jermain Defoe, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Wayne Bridge, Ian Wright)
  4. Party Nights
  5. Celebrity Football Match
  6. 10Km Cycle Ride

To get involved in sponsorship of one of our events or discuss an event sponsorship idea, please contact one of the team on: 0844 247 3703 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Payroll Giving really does make a huge difference to the charity and helps us towards the build of our very first retreat house for terminally ill cancer patients.

The advantages of Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is easy to operate and help’s build good relations with employees. The Karen Trust benefit because we get regular donations to help with our cause. Employees’ benefit because they get tax relief on the donations straight away at their top rate of tax, meaning that their donations cost them less.

For example, it would only cost an employee who pays tax at the basic rate of 20 per cent £8 to make a £10 donation to their charity. And it would only cost an employee who pays tax at the higher rate of 40 per cent £6 to make the same sized donation.

What is payroll giving?
Payroll giving, or Give As You Earn (GAYE) is an easy to use scheme that allows employees’ to give to The Karen Trust directly from their salary. Donations are deducted from Gross Pay.

What are the benefits of payroll giving?
A donation is deducted from your pay before you pay tax. Tax Relief is included in your donations at your top rate of tax.

How does it work?
An employee gives permission to the employer to deduct a regular charitable donation from the pay. The employer works with an Approved HM Revenue & Customs Payroll Giving Agency to manage these donations, which then pay the charity.

How to set-up a Payroll Giving Scheme:
Speak to the Human Resources Department and ask if they have a scheme set-up, if not, suggest that they possibly start one?

More information can be found by visiting:

What type of fundraising event do you fancy?

Staff Fundraising can take many forms and can include individuals, groups, other office locations, departments and teams from your business in raising funds for The Karen Trust.

Many of our supporters have had great fun in organising all types of events like; an Abba Tribute, Sex & the City Night, 5KM Fun Run, Quiz Nights, 5 a-side Football matches and much much more...

Quote & Pic from one of our fundraisers - Pictons

We would be more than happy to discuss ways in which we can help with ideas for fundraising. On some occasions we may be able to help with promotional tools and can certainly help with promoting and marketing your event.

Fundraising Ideas:

Easy Events


Sponsored ideas

Evening Events

Sporting Ideas

Dress Down

Slimming Club

Give up something
you love

Auction of promises or gifts

5 / 10 KM Run

Card Donation

Dance Class

Make everyone lunch

Quiz Night

Football Tournament


Cake /book/ jumble sale

Waxing a
body part

X-Factor Event

Challenge Treks



Head shaving

Themed nights

Golf day

unwanted clothes, items, furniture etc

Easter egg hunt

Use the stairs

Murder Mystery

Cycle to work

Swear box

Barbeque Party

Bike Ride

Party Nights

Family fun day

Bring and
Buy – clothes sale

International food day

Swap jobs
for a day

Talent Show


If you hold a Karen Trust event make sure that you take lots of piccy’s and videos and send them to us so that we can share them with our supporters.

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Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving really does make a huge difference to the charity and helps us towards the build of our very first retreat house for terminally ill cancer patients.

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